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me omw to take birth control /PzULWGRpon
2:TeaMarrr ☕️🇭🇹🎶:
I don’t like the way I woke up today
3:TeaMarrr ☕️🇭🇹🎶:
delusional enough for this journey
4:JTT Cup 🏈 Best Ball:
Short email update just landed to all 2022 players and new 2023 sign ups /vKMzcet32v
5:JTT Cup 🏈 Best Ball:
Conference tables – EAST, SOUTH & CENTRAL

“Points behind” indicates how far behind you are from getting 3rd in your division, or the cushion you have down to 4th /3EuTNlAp14
6:TeaMarrr ☕️🇭🇹🎶:
cognitive dissonance look it up : Nodding my head yes to you to ur face but inside shaking my head screaming no and never getting the chance to acknowledge that that’s happening as it’s happening every time it happens so much that it piles up
7:TeaMarrr ☕️🇭🇹🎶:
When you realize /zozvyWdGgw
8:JTT Cup 🏈 Best Ball:
🚨World Cup Sweepstake🚨

To kick off our 2023 fundraising for the Joshua Tarrant Trust, we are planning to run a WC sweepstake

£5 in, £80 to winner and £80 to the JTT

As always full transparency of fundS/donation will be provided

DM for a spot. Will run 2 if enough interest
9:JTT Cup 🏈 Best Ball:
Lots of divisions still all to play for with some exciting finishes expected in the following divisions

WALES 3rd to 5th
@ChrisEddy_7 1978.62
@Roachy1882 1977.54
@FF_LightsOut7 1977.24
10:TeaMarrr ☕️🇭🇹🎶:
simply dunno what id do wit out my inner circle man

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